• A) Identifying and altering mental habits (cognitive patterns) that keep you, your team or your organization from fulfilling potential and purpose.
  • B) Learning to apply a time tested methodology for infusing meaningful direction into your personal and work life creating a congruent personal legacy.
  • C) Identifying and using Key Human Systems leverage points (critical factors) that have the power to significantly influence the thoughts and behaviors of others.
  • D) Increasing insight into complex and difficult situations – learning to see important information you may have missed in the past.
  • E) Creating a Conscious Legacy based on your Core Purpose.
  • F) Learning to apply the program’s continuous learning loop on both a personal and organizational level.
  • G) You will leave with practical solutions to personal and/or professional leadership issues that you currently face.


The practical concepts and useful tools Dusty and Wayne weave together in this program have reframed and reshaped the way our leaders influence and inspire others.

Pieter Sikkel, president and CEO
Alliance One International, Inc.