Who Should Attend

The ALP is designed for people who are on a leadership and self-development trajectory and wish to expand and enhance their current understanding and skill set. Participants need to have had exposure to introductory leadership programs and to have a basic understanding of the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

Participants will need to be comfortable in sharing their own challenges and successes, providing and receiving feedback and in reflecting upon their own leadership strengths and areas for development. An openness to expanding one’s self-awareness and emotional intelligence is an important pre-condition for success in this program.


Our minds need to be serviced. We will buy extended warranties for our appliances, automobiles but how about our minds? I found this Advanced Leadership training to be not only about learning new ways of being more effective in life but also a chance to unlearn things that had been in my way of being more successful. I believe this to be a service program that will definitely extend your life.

James Harmston
Foundation Consulting Services